O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Skull & Glossbones

Photo Credit: flickr.com/photos/lakritze/

What Is It? O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Skull & Glossbones is a high quality nail polish.

Why Did I Buy It? This was my first ever purchase of an O.P.I product due to the brands reputation, after looking at countless swatches I saw this colour and fell in love.

Where Did I Buy It? ASOS

How Much Is It? I think it was £13.50

Overall Opinion: When it comes to nail polish I’m not a girly girl with the peppermint greens, pastel pinks and lemon yellows. I like my colours rich and dark! That isn’t good for the spring/summer season and feel that Skull & Glossbones personally bridges the gap for me, by being relevant and pastel yet doesn’t fall into the normal summer cliché. I apply two coats and usually it lasts me a week, the bottles are a generous 15ml and I only hope I can repurchase when my bottle is empty. Could perhaps be a little cheaper.

Peachy Rating: ÓÓÓÓ


Billy In The Tree 100% Organic Argan Oil

Photo Credit: amazon.co.uk

What Is It? Billy In The Tree 100% Organic Argan Oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree that is endemic to Morocco.

Why Did I Buy It? I was looking into buying some hair oil and came across the famous MorocconOil. I was put off due to how expensive it was (£30 for 100ml), and the fact that it was listed fifth in the ingredients used. So naturally I was intrigued about how much argan oil costs on it’s own and was very, pleasantly surprised.

Where Did I Buy It? Amazon.co.uk after reading the reviews.

How Much Is It? £9.95 for 100ml. Now lets be generous and say MorocconOil consists of 20% argan oil, it would cost the consumer £150 for the exact same quantity of argan oil!!!

Overall Opinion: This oil has many uses in beauty, as a face moisturiser, hair mask and for hair styling. When using it as a moisturiser it definitely did the job as it left my skin feeling lovely and soft, however it did leave a oily layer that needed to be washed off and as I’m prone to breakouts took no chances and stopped using it immediately. I have yet to use it as a hair treatment, however I have found it’s purpose in my morning regime. It is amazing at smoothing down my naturally wavy hair, just three drops of this oil using the pipette provided, rub it all over the palms of my hands and lightly work it in! No frizz and no grease!

Peachy Rating: ÓÓÓÓ